Questions that are relevant prior to purchase of Private Practice Preparedness

What is the difference between the eBook and print version of the book?

The print and eBook version both have identical content.  Purchasing either will also allow you to download the valuable templates, allowing you to quickly create your plan to comply with ethics requirements.

I Don't Have An eBook Reader. Can I still purchase the book?

Absolutely!  Our eBook is available in multiple formats which will allow you to read it on your desktop/laptop computer (Windows or Mac) or on your mobile device (phone or tablet, iOS, Android, or Windows 8.).  For more information on each, please review the answer appropriate to your device below.

Are There Any Discounts or Coupons Available?

We are already offering discounts/coupons to groups, like professional organizations. Be sure to check with your professional organization(s) to see if they are participating in our program. If they aren't, please feel free to have them contact us.  We welcome the opportunity to provide group discounts!

Am I Allowed To Modify The Templates That Come With Private Practice Preparedness?

Once you have registered your purchase of the ebook, Private Practice Preparedness, you are entitled to download and modify the templates for your personal use. You are also entitled to download any future templates we add here at the web site. The license prevents sharing the documents with others who have not purchased the book. Following is the full license for use, which is also included with each document:

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